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Ham Close – Unanimous Approval at Planning Committee and Next Steps

On 14th December 2022, members of London Borough of Richmond upon Thames Planning Committee unanimously recommended that authority be delegated to the Assistant Director, Environment and Community Services (Planning and Transport Strategy) to approve the planning application for the regeneration of Ham Close subject to referral to the GLA at Stage 2 and no adverse direction being received in response from the Greater London Authority.

During the committee meeting, members of the Ham Close Resident Engagement Panel, Ham Close Residents Association, and Ham Youth Centre, as well as all three ward councillors for Ham, Petersham, and Richmond Riverside, spoke in favour of the application.

Following the completion of GLA Stage 2 referral on 20th February 2023, the Planning Decision Notice was issued by London Borough of Richmond upon Thames on 22nd March 2023. This can be downloaded here.

Hill is targeting a construction start on site for phase 1 in Winter 2023/2024, subject to discharging the pre-commencement conditions in advance with London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. It is currently estimated that the build programme will complete during 2031 (subject to change).

Throughout construction, you can continue to refer to this website for updates and get in touch with a member of the Regeneration Team at [email protected]

We would like to thank you once again for your time, input, and engagement throughout the years to allow us to reach this milestone.

Illustrative Flythrough Video

This Illustrative flythrough video of the proposed regeneration of Ham Close brings our plans to improve Ham Close to life.

Walk through the new streets of Ham Close, through the linear park and see inside one of the affordable apartments as well as the new community centre which will benefit all of Ham.

Regeneration Proposals Summary