What to expect from Hill

Regular newsletters
and updates

Consultations with local stakeholders,
including schools and resident groups

Various engagement opportunities
through different stages of the project.

Initiatives involving the local community

Social Value & Communities

With community central to every project we deliver, our driving force is to ensure we make a positive contribution to the people living and working at our developments. We aim to ensure the impact of this work is felt for generations to come through social, economic and environmental programmes designed to improve the prosperity and wellbeing of an area.

We provide apprenticeships and support training schemes to facilitate education and local job opportunities, opening up our industry to a more diverse pool of talent. By supporting charities and social enterprises, we help to tackle issues faced by some of the most vulnerable and marginalised in our society.

So while bricks and mortar can provide one of the most basic human rights – a home – we’re also committed to building with the      social and economic tools needed to create happy, thriving communities, now and in the future.

Some upcoming opportunities on Ham Close include:

  • 40 Job starts
  • Work placements
  • 24 Apprenticeships
  • Digital inclusion sessions
  • School engagement events

Teviot Estate, Tower Hamlets
The local community is at the heart of our plans for the Teviot Estate in Tower Hamlets and we got to know each other better at a special summer festival.

Ironworks, Cambridge
We are supporting the next generation of our industry.
Through our partnerships with training schemes, as well
as internship and apprentice programmes.

Fish Island Village, Hackney Wick
Ground floor units at our Fish Island Village development in Hackney are reinforcing the local creative vibe.

Project Timeline

  • Residents ‘Meet the Contractor’ event
  • Regular updates on the Ham Close Consultation Website
  • Local businesses ‘Meet the Buyer’ event
  • Recruitment for local opportunities and apprenticeships
  • Local school and stakeholder engagement
  • Handover of community facilities and first homes
  • Topping out event
  • Social value legacy
  • Handover of final homes

Community Liaison


We acknowledge that residents living at Ham Close are the priority Stakeholders during the lifetime of the project. Below is a list of identified partners & organisations who we will engage with and deliver social value initiatives in partnership with. This list is not a final list and will continue to develop as we progress into the works programme.

  • Ham Day Centre
  • Ham Library
  • Ham Youth Centre
  • The Children’s Garden
  • Richmond Work Match
  • Twickenham Jobcentre
  • Grey Court Secondary School and 6th Form School
  • The Kingston Academy School
  • Meadlands Primary School
  • St Richards Church
  • St Richards Primary School
  • The Russell Primary School
  • Richmond Upon Thames College
  • Kingston College

Keeping in touch

To ensure all queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently residents will be directed to the dedicated inbox: [email protected] or via the dedicated contact number: 0800 032 6760.

Civic Participation Board

To supplement the information that will be available for residents through noticeboards, site staff and websites, the three partners delivering the project (RHP, LBRuT and Hill) propose to set up an in-person forum. Details of the forum are currently undergoing agreement

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