Planning Application

You can view and download all of the key Ham Close planning application documents submitted on this page. 

The individual design drawings, most up-to-date application documents, and all other reports not listed below can also be found on the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames’ planning portal. The reference number for the planning application is 22/1442/FUL and you can click on the button below to take you directly to this page. 

Design, Landscaping and Access Statement

Planning Statement

Statement of Community Involvement


Transport Assessment (Text)

Transport Assessment (Appendices Part 1)

Transport Assessment (Appendices Part 2)

Delivery and Servicing Plan

Framework Travel Plan

Parking Management Plan

Energy Statement

Sustainability Statement

Sustainable Construction Checklist

Circular Economy Statement

Whole Life-Cycle Carbon Assessment

BREEAM Pre-Assessment Report

Open Space Assessment

Biodiversity Net Gain Assessment

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

Ecological Management Plan

Fire Strategy

Daylight Sunlight Assessment (Part 1)

Daylight Sunlight Assessment (Part 2)

Environmental Statement (non-technical summary)

Construction Environment Management Plan

Outline Construction Logistics Plan

Heritage, Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment

Arboricultural Impact Assessment and Method Statement

Drainage Report

Geo-Environmental Report

Geo-Environmental Report (1 of 2)

Geo-Environmental Report (2 of 2)

Basement Impact Assessment

Basement Impact Scoping and Screening Part 1

Basement Impact Assessment Part 2

Detailed Masterplan Ground Floor – Sixth Floor

Hard Landscape General Arrangement 1-4

Soft Landscape General Arrangement 1-4

Proposed Phasing Plan

Proposed Parking Strategy

Proposed Masterplan Tenure

Proposed Roof Plan Strategy

Illustrative Masterplan

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