Architectural Design

The Architects have worked hard to ensure residents views have been taken on board.

Ham Village Green

The Ham Village Green character area takes inspiration from grand houses fronting onto open greenspaces as seen across Ham. The buildings are designed with this in mind and complement the Linear Park by using grand window proportions, bay windows and a strong material selection, inspired by Ham House.

Linear Park

The Linear Park character area consists of buildings designed within a green landscaped setting. The Linear Park is home to a collection of contemporary building types that take inspiration from the different building styles across Ham. At the centre is a white feature building inspired by houses at Ham Common.

Ashburnham and Woodville Road

The proposed houses on Woodville and Ashburnham Road consist of two different character styles. Houses on Ashburnham Road have feature bay windows and inset entrances, whilst houses on Woodville Road have a feature vaulted roof and detailed brickwork.

Central Streets

The Central Streets are pedestrian friendly streets that lead into the central Linear Park. The transition from the outer houses to the central apartment buildings are defined through an increase of height approaching the centre of the site. Architectural details take inspiration from Broughton Avenue, Wiggins Lane and houses along Ham Street.

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